Figure 4 Jewellery

Fastest Printing to meet Your Production Needs

Part of 3D Systems’ scalable, fully integrated Figure 4 technology platform, Figure 4 Jewellery is an affordable solution optimised for jewellery design and manufacturing workflows, delivering unparalleled speed, productivity, ultra-fine detail, and smooth surface finish.

Print algorithms developed specifically for jewellery workflows enable Figure 4 Jewellery to print patterns at 15mm/hr at 30µm layer.

Optimized for Jewelry Production Workflows:

Jewellery Casting Patterns

3D print highly accurate jewellery casting patterns for intricate, detail-rich feature pieces. Figure 4 Jewellery offers superior casting quality and patterns ready for casting in hours for customized pieces manufacturing and short-run production. Figure 4 JCAST-GRN 10 is an optimized casting material that yields minimal ash and residue after burnout for easy casting.

Master Patterns for Moulds

Produce 3D printed master patterns for RTV/silicone moulds used in high volume, mass-production jewellery casting workflows such as accessories and costume jewellery. Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY material’s high heat deflection temperature (300°C) ensures compatibility with a range of silicones for creating moulds used in jewellery casting production workflows.

Prototyping/Fit-Check Models 

Create accurate, fine detail prototypes of jewellery designs for fittings and try-on, as well as to ensure the accuracy of stone settings. Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY material delivers exceptional precise surface quality and meets biocompatibility standard ISO 10933-5 for try-ons and fittings.


High Quality Jewellery Patterns

Produce superior jewellery prints with best-in-class surface finish. Figure 4’s non-contact membrane technology, combined with exclusive Micro Point support structures, minimizes part-to-support interaction, resulting in the smoothest sidewalls and finest resolution for jewellery applications.

Ultra-Fine Detail

Proprietary print build styles developed specifically for jewellery, both for thin, delicate geometries, as well as thicker geometries, enable optimized jewellery prints with detail for settings, sharp prongs, fine mesh and more.

Reduced Production Labour Costs

Micro Point ultra-fine tip support structures enable both easy support removal and smoother surface finish, reducing downstream labour costs and production time by minimizing polishing of support intersection points.

Faster Time-To-Market

Capable of creating prints ready for prototyping, casting, or moulding in hours, Figure 4 Jewellery enables manufacturing to accelerate time-to-market and quickly respond to market demands for custom jewellery or short-run production at low per piece cost. Figure 4 Jewellery's fast, digital workflow is responsive to any design modification, whether minor or drastic, so new designs can be delivered within very short timeframes, enabling unparalleled flexibility.

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