Projet 2500W

High Throughput of Pure Wax Patterns for Lost Wax Casting

The ProJet MJP 2500W is a 100% wax jewellery patterns 3D printer, delivering from several short-run batches a day to a next day larger builds at high productivity. Up to 100x faster print speed and 4x larger build volume than similar class printers for high productivity of precision, fine jewellery casting patterns.

Casting Reliability

The ProJet MJP 2500W prints in VisiJet 100% wax materials to deliver durable, high-quality jewellery patterns for reliable performance and results throughout existing lost-wax casting processes and equipment.


The VisiJet wax materials melt like standard casting waxes, with zero ash content for defect-free castings. It is durable for handling and casting fine features, and high contrast colours allow for easy fine details visualization.


High Productivity

Featuring fast wax patterns production, at up to 100x faster print speed than similar class solutions, and even faster workflow with single-lane builds, the ProJet MJP 2500W improves the casting room efficiency. With a 4x larger build volume capability than similar class printers and 24/7 operation, the high productivity of this affordable printer means fast amortization and high return on investment.

Streamline your file-to-pattern workflow with the advanced 3D Sprint software capabilities, fast and versatile MJP print speeds and quick and easy support removal to deliver high quality, ready-to-cast jewellery patterns.

High Resolution Patterns

Consistently print true-to-CAD and fine feature definition jewellery patterns with exact, razor-sharp edges and extreme crisp details. Dissolvable and meltable supports result in excellent surface quality for reduced finishing labour and polishing of costly precious metals. These highly accurate, fine wax patterns are directly printed, without the time, costs and geometric limitations of tooling.

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