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Extra-large Format, High-Speed Production, Medical Devices

A large-scale, hybrid and modular additive manufacturing solution that offers a combination of pellet extrusion, filament extrusion and spindle subtractive tooling. Ideal for when you need low-cost, large-scale parts, printed at very high speeds, with manufacturing-level accuracy, surface quality and repeatability. Ideal for large-scale patterns, molds, production batch runs and functional prototypes. 

Why pellets? The first reason is cost. Thermoplastic pellets are the raw form of most plastics used in industrial forming processes like injection molding and thus cost up to 10x less than traditional 3D printing filament feedstock. Overall, thermoplastic pellets are considered one of the lowest cost 3D printing feedstocks. 

Printing directly with pellets also enables faster print speeds. Higher throughput is inherent in the pellet extrusion process. Couple that with large nozzle sizes and 3D Systems' robust CNC motion control system, and print speeds can be 5X -10X faster with EXT Titan Pellet systems than traditional filament extrusion printing.

Finally, printing with pellets enables the use of a wide range of materials. There are 100’s of grades of thermoplastic pellets available for printing, including high-performance materials that are not available in filament form including high-percentage glass fiber and carbon fiber-filled plastics and low-shore TPE and TPU. 

Why 3D Print with Pellets?

Proven for Production

EXT Titan Pellet 3D printers are proven production additive manufacturing systems for applications including patterns, molds, tooling, jigs, fixtures, end-use parts, and full-scale prototypes. Designed for lights-out manufacturing, these systems can shorten cycle times, reduce costs, and increase up-time in your production processes. 

All EXT Titan Pellet printers feature industrial CNC control systems with servo drives on all axes for increased speed and reliability. Built with a welded and precision machined steel frame and industrial heated enclosure, these 3D printers are ready to go to work on your production floor. 

Extrusion Large Format Printers


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The base unit includes a single pellet extruder but can be equipped with up to three toolheads including a second pellet extruder, a filament extruder and a 3-axis CNC spindle. The EXT 1070 is ideal for medium-to-large part production, with applications from tooling and patterns to end-use parts. 

The EXT 1070 Titan Pellet (formerly known as Titan Atlas 2.5) has a build volume of 1070mm x 1070mm x 1219mm (42” x 42” x 48”)

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This large-format 3D printer features a single pellet extruder as standard, but can be customized with up to three toolheads, including a second pellet extruder, a filament extruder, and a 3-axis milling spindle. The EXT 1270 is an ideal solution for manufacturing large-scale parts, ranging from tooling and patterns to end-use products.

The EXT 1270 Titan Pellet (formerly known as Titan Atlas 3.6) features a massive build volume of 1270mm x 1270mm x 1829mm (50” x 50” x72”)

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Extrusion Medical 3D Printers

The First 3D Printing Platform Specifically Designed for Medical Device Production

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Validated to fulfil ASTM standards, it delivers rapid, reproducible printing of a broad range of applications

The EXT 220 MED uses filament-based extrusion technology to enable 3D printing of implants and instruments using high performance polymers, including PEEK and Radel® PPSU. An integrated clean room and temperature controls with a laminar airflow make it ideal for rapid manufacture of biocompatible, sterilizable medical devices.

The EXT 220 MED, formerly the Kumovis R1, is the only extrusion platform that features an integrated clean room and is validated by leading medical device manufacturers and hospitals worldwide.

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