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Build and Validate High-Quality Parts Faster

3D Printing for Automotive

New mobility solutions and ecosystems are redefining the industry and making rapid innovation essential.

Our consultative approach to engineering and additive manufacturing technology can give you the competitive advantage you need to meet this challenge. We will empower you to drive manufacturing productivity, lower costs, and develop new designs that optimize performance and create the unique experiences your customers demand. 

Meet the Challenge of Rapid Innovation in Today’s Automotive Industry

Optimise the performance of propulsion, drivetrain, and surrounding components through rapid iteration while meeting high-temperature and flame-resistant requirements. Our additive manufacturing solutions allow you to produce durable 3D-printed parts quickly, helping you gain a competitive advantage and protect your intellectual property.

Underhood / Powertrain

Optimise your cabin's physical, functional, and visual experience. Without requiring expensive tooling, our additive manufacturing solutions allow you to create a better concept car prototypes. You can make these with realistic texture and surface finishes that can be printed, plated, painted, and wrapped directly. Additionally, you can create innovations such as fastening systems and integrated latching to provide new design methods for manufacturing services.

Body Interior and Trim

Our broad portfolio and durable materials enable you to produce rigid exterior panels for concept car components that don't deform over large surfaces. This capability allows you to direct air where it is needed, reduce drag, and ultimately maximise aerodynamic performance whilst maintaining precise control over Class A exterior style. Sensory mounts can also be added, giving you a unique and innovative way to collect additional analytics.

Body Exterior and Panel

Create high-performance structural systems by leveraging an accurate and efficient 3D printing process, allowing you to produce lightweight parts and reduce inertia whilst increasing overall strength. Further enhance your manufacturing process with access to a wide range of metal alloys, enabling you to leverage efficient and effective post-processing and cleaning.

Metal Structural Components

Optimise fluid management to maximise the use of valuable package space. With our innovative air and fluid handling solutions, you can produce complex geometries that represent design intent, and test them to validate component and system performance. Your parts will not only allow for valuable concept evaluation but will also withstand environmental extremes and the pressures and flows whilst providing the chemical compatibility and stability needed over time.

Air and Fluid Handling

Manufacturing aids like robot grippers, jigs, fixtures, and locators are required to perform reliably in a challenging environment. These items are subjected to force, wear, and chemicals that stress some additive materials and technologies.


Components are often tailored but also modified, stressing traditional tool making and inventory systems. With our additive solutions for manufacturing aids, you can save time, money, and labour by tailoring tools to improve the overall assembly process, withstand the working conditions, all whilst allowing operations to optimise replacements kept on hand.

Manufacturing Aids

Maximise the performance of fluid and energy management with our metal additive manufacturing solutions. You can create strong, corrosive-resistant, streamlined metal components that optimise energy, flow, and heat in your propulsion systems. The components produced with our solutions handle high temperatures, harsh conditions, and various fluids, all whilst easily fitting into constrained spaces.

Energy and Fluid Management

Applications of Additive Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

Collaborating with You to Enhance Automotive Design and Development

Create durable tools such as injection mould and die-cast tool inserts that perform in ways unachievable with traditional tool making, and build them in a fraction of the time.

Advanced tools with innovations like conformal cooling often necessitate innovative production methods to deliver quality parts at production volume. With the short lead times of 3D-printed durable tooling, you can accelerate the iteration and innovation of these advanced tools.

Metal Durable Tooling

Our team provides more than just products—we also provide a holistic portfolio of solutions with the experience and expertise to help you solve automotive problems and deliver value efficiently and effectively. We can help you use our additive technology to improve the driving experience and enhance productivity in many ways, such as by reducing component parts, lowering manufacturing variability, decreasing weight, and managing packaging constraints. We are committed to giving you a competitive advantage.

Leverage our Automotive and Additive Expertise

New powertrain technologies are creating exciting opportunities while producing daunting engineering challenges. With a large variety of advanced materials and additive technologies, the ability to increase testing and iteration, and greater production flexibility, our additive technology makes it easier to develop cutting-edge 3D auto components that deliver performance mobility innovations.

Accelerate Automotive Innovation

Whether you require high-precision parts at scale or tough thermoplastics that replicate automotive-grade production plastic, our additive manufacturing technology is built to help you design, test, and iterate components quickly and efficiently. Reduce the time it takes to produce high-performance automotive parts from days or weeks to hours.

Solutions that Solve Automotive Challenges

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