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Gain a Competitive Advantage and Create Faster Motorsports Innovations Using the Latest High-Performance Additive Manufacturing Tools and Materials

3D Printing for Motorsports

Top racing performance requires robust, accurate parts. We collaborate to help you meet the innovation challenge, leveraging our decades of in-house additive manufacturing expertise and advanced material developments to help you build, test, and iterate more efficiently.

Using these capabilities and our industry knowledge, we’ll help you optimize new designs for high-performance  and get effective solutions to the track faster

Accelerate Speed to Track

3D for Motorsports - Improved Productivity and Performance

Enable your engineers to optimise fluid dynamics and work within challenging space constraints. Easily test and produce parts with complex geometries, such as 3D-printed intake manifolds, that can withstand air pressure and flow, and nonreactive, and remain stable over time.

Air and Fluid Handling

Create metal components that strike a carful balance between low weight and high strength to better manage the extreme forces encountered in a motorsports environment.

Following our additive manufacturing expertise, you can quickly design and produce metal structural parts that reduce weight, increase efficiency, and achieve strict dimensional accuracy. Quickly create and test multiple part iterations to enhance productivity and maximise structural performance.

Metal Structural Components

Reduce the time it takes to build, test, and iterate parts for aerodynamic validation. Having our additive manufacturing equipment on-site allows you to quickly construct and test a variety of high accurate metal and plastic parts that replicate finished motorsports components. This makes it possible to incorporate feedback immediately and maximise the time allotted for wind tunnel testing.

Performance Wind Tunnel Testing

Test and create optimised exteriors fast. Our innovative additive solutions allow you to quickly iterate exterior part designs to reduce drag, improve downforce and aerodynamic impact, and maximise performance.

Body Exterior and Panel

Manufacturing aids assist motorsports engineering and manufacturing teams with streamlining production and shortening assembly time. Being able to have available several replacement jigs and fixtures saves time, costs, and labour.

Manufacturing Aids

Performance vehicles have unique requirements for fluid and energy management. They need complex metal parts fitted into constrained spaces, with superior strength and corrosive resistance to handle high temperatures, harsh conditions, and various fluids. Additive manufacturing's ability to produce complex, durable metal parts is ideal for providing solutions to maximise performance.

Energy and Fluid Management - (Metals)

The ability to quickly cast metal parts is essential at all levels of motorsports. 3D Systems has developed innovative casting solutions to allow complex parts to be accurately manufactured with quick turnarounds to get teams on the track as fast as possible. 

Performance Cast Metal Components

The powertrain and engine area of motorsports vehicles are subject to extreme temperatures, vibrations, and impacts. Manufacturing parts capable of fitting into a constrained packing environment that can withstand such harsh conditions was once a challenge for 3D printing.

Through advanced material science and record accuracy, 3D Systems helps mitigate these challenges, maximising automotive performance and optimising the advanced propulsion and control technologies each race team has developed and refined.

Powertrain and Engine Area

The Experience and Technology to Gain a Competitive Advantage

We are committed to giving you a competitive advantage using our solutions and expertise. We work with you to ensure that you are getting the most out of additive technology, whether you are trying to maximize aerodynamic performance, optimize strength/weight ratios, reduce component parts, or develop new parts within specific geometric constraints.

Extensive Motorsports and Additive Expertise

Our additive solutions make it easier to develop cutting-edge components that deliver superior performance. We give you access to a broad range of advanced materials and technologies, allowing you to design innovative parts that can withstand the sustained forces, vibrations, and extreme temperatures of motorsports. By leveraging the production flexibility of additive manufacturing, you can easily overcome the challenges of engineering motorsports applications and maximize performance.

Easy Access to Innovation

You don't have weeks to wait for parts; you need fast solutions. Our additive manufacturing technology is built to help you design, test, and iterate motorsports components quickly and efficiently. By reducing the time it takes to produce high-quality parts from days or weeks to hours, you can quickly improve the performance of the race car and gain a critical advantage over your competitors. 

Improve Your Performance Faster

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