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Maximise your Productivity and Grow your Business with High-Performance Additive Manufacturing Solutions, for the Most Demanding Prototyping and Production Needs

3D Printing for Service Bureaus

To gain a competitive advantage, we understand your need to differentiate your digital manufacturing services business and to become increasingly responsive to customer requirements, from prototype to production. We also understand the critical importance to improve your operation’s productivity and profitability, from streamlined manufacturing workflows to higher degrees of automation.

3D Systems has three decades of expertise in application development across all major industry verticals and manufacturing processes to address your customers’ challenges. We have developed the broadest range of integrated additive manufacturing (AM) solutions that maximize your productivity, reliability, uptime, and yield – delivering your customers high quality parts while realizing exceptional total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Supporting Your Business Growth and Profitability with Industry Expertise

The Role of 3D Printing for Service Bureaus

3D printed functional prototypes enable faster real-world product development and testing to take place before costly investments in production tooling. These realistic prototypes can replicate the end production product, including appearance, function, as well as mechanical characteristics and properties. Manufacturing processes can be explored using functional prototypes to determine part weight, assembly process, and overall manufacturability.

Functional Prototyping

Production-grade materials and additive manufacturing technologies provide direct production options for custom products, low volume and bridge manufacturing. Save on tooling costs by 3D printing directly from a 3D file, and take advantage of fast turnaround production parts delivery. Produce plastic and metal parts with 3D printing that are simply not possible with standard manufacturing, including topology optimized parts, consolidated assemblies, highly complex anatomical shapes, internal channels, complex surface textures, and internal lattices.

Direct Digital Production of End-Use Parts

Overcome the geometry and time constraints common with conventional machined molds for wax patterns injection, replacing it with a fast, tool-less process that opens the door to greater design freedom while improving product performance. Digital processes and additive manufacturing technologies are poised to deliver massive time and cost savings. 3D Systems calls this revolutionary set of technologies transforming the investment casting market the Digital Foundry.

Investment Casting

3D Systems technologies can streamline your manufacturing workflows by delivering the design flexibility, quality, accuracy, and materials performance needed for critical applications, such as composite tooling, forming tools, molds, master patterns, and manufacturing aids (jigs and fixtures). 

Indirect Manufacturing & Tooling

Choose 3DRP Expertise and Technologies to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Our additive manufacturing solutions include software, printer, materials, and post-processing designed to deliver industry-leading quality, reliability, and productivity to keep your operation running efficiently. Reduced labour enabled by downstream compatibility with automation, and minimized waste with high material efficiency contribute to reduced cost per part. 

Productivity & Operational Efficiency

3D Systems Application Innovation Group (AIG) team has expertise in application development across all major industry verticals, including highly regulated environments such as healthcare, aerospace, and high-tech. We can provide you with application support, unique industry insights, and assist in the certification process to ensure traceability and transparency. Discover the solutions we have developed for aerospaceautomotivemotorsportsjewelleryhealthcareturbomachinery, and semiconductor.

Industry Expertise

Maximized productivity with full SLA build plate.

Engineers collaborating on 3DXpert® software.

Accelerate new market opportunities by leveraging our broad portfolio of 6 additive manufacturing technologies, cutting-edge software for end-to-end digital manufacturing workflow, and 130+ high-performance materials - the widest array available to meet every customer challenge. As industry demands evolve, we continuously innovate to address new customer needs and enable you to offer state-of-the-art manufacturing services.

Solution Partnership

We are experts in manufacturing and we will work with you to scale your additive manufacturing capabilities from prototyping to streaming production. We prove out the solution with you, with support maximizing your manufacturing process efficiency around the most challenging applications. We also offer you greater flexibility by increasing your supply chain capacity with our Customer Innovation Centers.

Scale your Manufacturing Capabilities

SLS build, 198 parts automatically positioned & nested on 3D Sprint.

Maximized productivity with full SLA build plate.

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