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Additive Manufacturing for Truck, Bus & Rail

                                                                                                                                                                                             Bringing Innovation to Road and Rail

In order to grow and differentiate from the competition, commercial and public transportation companies are pushing for lower costs, enhanced performance, and flexible product platforms that can quickly adapt to new technologies and customer requirements. 

Our extensive portfolio of additive manufacturing technologies, materials, and software can give you the competitive advantage you need to meet these challenges. Through our understanding of the application needs for the railway, truck, and bus industries, we will empower your innovation.

Stay Ahead of Regulations with Greater Flexibility and Speed

Truck, Bus & Rail Additive Manufacturing Applications

Optimise compressed air system performance, quality, and reliability by reducing component weight and part count and integrating multiple functions into single part. 3D Systems offers a breadth of additive manufacturing technologies and materials that can help you enhance your product development and manufacturing process with quick iteration and production of innovative brake systems and pneumatic controls.

Brake Systems & Pneumatic Controls

Unlock new efficiency in energy transmission and increase the durability of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGTBs) and inverters with more effective heat sink systems enabled by conformal cooling channels. As a bonus, this unique AM capability can also solve a wide range of packaging challenges. 3S Systems' applications engineers have extensive experience across a wide range of industries to help you design innovative heat exchangers and heat sinks with the best material and process for your transportation applications.

Power Electronics Enhancement

Differentiate your vehicle interiors to optimise comfort, functionality and riding experience for both passengers and operators with faster innovation, iteration, and validation on production parts without tooling investments. With our innovative polymer materials and advanced software applications, you can 3D print prototypes with realistic textures and surfaces as well as final production parts that meet the latest transportation industry regulations.

Interior & Passenger Comfort

Accelerate production delivery, optimise parts, and reduce manufacturing costs by creating reusable patterns and cores for traditional san-casting production process. Our advanced software applications and large selection of composite SLA materials will help you to quickly and easily optimise designs and produce patterns and cores with excellent wear resistance and superior surface finish for the final part.

Moulds & Patterns for Sand Metal Casting

Bringing new high-quality products to market fast is critical across industries. Productive assembly aids, cost-effective manufacturing tools and precise gauges help the transportation industry meet and exceed customer expectations.

Use our additive manufacturing solutions to reduce cycle time from design to production, implementing fast and accurate manufacturing aids and production tools to optimise your process, increase productivity and improve overall operations.

Manufacturing Aids & Production Tooling

Designing and optimising body exteriors for your transportation asset often requires multiple iterations to maximise performance while maintaining your product's visual brand identity. The inability of conventional processes to meet your schedule often results in a compromised solution.

With 3D Systems' portfolio of hardware, materials and software, you can accelerate product development without compromising your design, Produce large-size panels and exterior components with our broad range of large-format 3D printers, including FDM, SLA and SLA technologies and production-grade materials.

Body Exteriors and Panels

Accelerate design and validation of electrical wiring and harnesses, optimise cable routing and reduce installation labour with 3D printed connectors, complex cable retainers and custom conduit fittings.

Our production-grade materials and additive manufacturing solutions save you time and money by reducing part count and expensive injection moulding tooling and delivering parts on-demand and on site for your vehicle's electrical wiring harnesses and cables.

Electrical Harnesses & Conduits

Improve the quality and reliability of your products by preventing failures from external contamination. Quickly validate designs for special seals and gaskets to protect critical systems and vehicle components from extreme environments and go to production without tooling.

With 3D Systems' solutions and the expertise of our application innovation group you can leverage the design freedom of AM to customise the characteristics and properties of your seals in a single piece.

Industrial Seals & Gaskets

Achieve Sustainability Goals with 3D Systems

Stay ahead of the competition with agile responses to changing regulations and grow your business by quickly addressing customer needs with help from our additive manufacturing solutions and leading expertise. We can help you find competitive solutions for product customization to increase your presence in niche markets and implement flexible and scalable manufacturing processes to accelerate product delivery.

Achieve Sustainable Business Growth

3D Systems can support your vertical integration strategies with our wide variety of additive manufacturing technologies, production-grade materials, manufacturing operating system software, and expertise in commercial and public transportation applications. Keep your assembly lines running with bridge production solutions and optimized tooling, and support your customers with on-demand spare, or hard-to-find parts.

Gain Supply Chain Control with Production Ready Technology

Accelerate new technologies to improve commercial vehicle efficiency and meet your environmental sustainability objectives with innovative drive train systems. Help your customers modernize and optimize existing fleets. Reduce development and implementation cycle time with help from our additive manufacturing and transportation industry experts.

Leverage Innovative Solutions to Reach Net Zero Emissions

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